Nuad is traditional Thai massage, also known as yoga massage.

The massage is carried out without oil, on a fully clothed client (please bring light, comfortable clothing) on a mat on the floor. This allows the therapist to use their body weight to the optimum effect whilst applying pressure and manipulating the client.

Traditional Thai massage integrates the body, mind and soul. It consists primarily of numerous stretches and a variety of pressure techniques. The palms of the hands, thumbs, feet, elbows and knees are used to manipulate particular energy lines with varying degrees of pressure. A typical pressure technique is "walking" on the body using the hands or feet. The energy lines, known as sen lines, stem from nadis in Ayurvedic medicine and the stretches come from yoga. The client remains passive during the manipulations, hence the nickname "passive yoga". The aim of the treatment is to release any energy blockages of the mind, body and soul.

On a physical level, muscular tension is relieved, the entire body is loosened and the metabolism and circulation are stimulated.

The focus in Thai massage, however, is on the mind and soul. As it is meant to be a preventative therapy, it can give worn out Westerners some inner harmony and tranquillity as well as a chance to regenerate their often exhausted nervous systems.

In general an extremely pleasant state of relaxation and revitalisation is achieved.

The treatment lasts for approx. 2 hours, although we do offer a Nuad taster that lasts for 1 hour.