LaStone Therapy

LaStone therapy offers you pure relaxation. Many ancient peoples, including in China (2000B.C.), the native Americans and Hawaiian shamans used hot basalt stones in their treatments and realised their positive effect on the human body.

Basalt stones are heated to approx. 60 deg.C., marble stones are cooled to approx. 0 deg.C.. The client lies on a bed of the stones, further stones are placed on the client's chakras and then the massage using the stones commences. The warmth of the basalt stones stimulates and creates an intense feeling of relaxation. The alternating warm and cold stones
produce the revitalising "Kneipp-effect", activating the body's self-healing mechanism. Semi-precious stones are used for massaging the face.

LaStone greatly improves the circulation, loosens even the underlying muscles, helps to expel toxins and leads to a deep sense of relaxation and inner harmony.

The treatment lasts for approx. 2 hours, included in this time is about 20 minutes of resting time at the end.